Stamford Spinnakers
The Girls Ice Hockey Association   
of Stamford, Connecticut

Since 1998


Note: A different model is now in use at TCR, but you will be able to adjust to most scoreboard controls if you understand these instructions.

Getting started.  Check electrical connections.  See display on control box for starting instructions.

The following examples will teach you how to perform the tasks involved in most games:

Two-minute warm-up.  Press Set Time, 2, 0, 0, Enter.  Press Start.

Twelve-minute first period.  Press Set Time, 1, 2, 0, 0, Enter.  Press Period, 1, Enter.  On face-offs, press Start.  On whistles and manual horns (e.g., shift changes in House Program), press Stop.

One minute penalty on Home Team's Player #14.  Under HOME, press Player Penalty, Enter, 1, 0, 0, Enter, 1, 4, Enter.  (In House Program, press Disable Penalty Timers when penalized player's line is not on the ice, except during last four minutes of game, when penalties run through other lines' shifts.)

Goal scored by Visiting Team.  Under VISITORS, press Score +1.

You are also responsible for recording goals, assists, penalties, saves/shots and timeouts on the score sheet.  Be careful if score sheet puts the Home Team on the right (opposite of the control board). 

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