Stamford Spinnakers
The Girls Ice Hockey Association   
of Stamford, Connecticut

High School (U19) Player Profiles


The coaches will be pleased to provide player assessments to college admissions and athletics personnel.  Players should understand that all such assessments are confidential and candid.  For the sake of our future players, we cannot afford to squander our credibility on exaggeration.


Seniors of 2008-09

Laura Dembofsky

Laura Dembofsky 
Madeline Fones

Madeline Fones 
Lauren  Karp
Lauren Karp 
Julie Osipow

Julie Osipow 
Kylee Ruther

Kylee Ruther

Juniors of 2008-09

Graduates of 2008

Haley Aubrey - A

Graduation makes a coach wonder who will step up and fill these big skates next year.  During Junior and Senior years, Haley answered that question with dramatic improvements of speed and intensity.  She was a key ingredient in the relentlessness of our attack.

Now that Haley has been graduated, who will step up?.

Maggie Cearley


Great defensemen make stopping great forwards look easy.  And they usually do it while traveling backwards!  The key ingredients are skill and knowledge, and Maggie has plenty of both.  She is also the only member of the team to wear the Spinnakers jersey on the Great Wall of China.

Note: Maggie and Mary Cearley are two of only three 10-year members of Girls Spring Hockey.  Their younger sister is training for the Spinnakers, Class of 2015.

Mary Cearley


The Spinnakers do treat each other like sisters, and having actual sisters playing on the team together has helped develop that atmosphere.  Many players' games remain level through high school, but Mary's has improved dramatically every year.  When she gets the puck in attack mode, she looks as though nothing can stop her...and, often, nothing does.  We look forward to her best season with the Spinnakers.

Mary Cearley 
Katie Lorenzen


"I love hockey."  She lets everyone know hockey is her game, and the Spinnakers is her team.  Katie is determined that her team will succeed, and she will do more than her fair share to help make it happen.  She is always there for us, and her dedication inspires the rest of us to be there with her. 

Karlie Tiscia - C

You wouldn't know it from that smile, but Karlie is one of our fiercest athletes.  Nothing but a loud whistle will stop her from going after the puck and putting it in the net.  She is the player we want on the ice when a puck is loose at either end of the rink.  Yet, the cheerful disposition is constant and the PIMs are low.   

Chrissy Vitolo

The most tenured member in Spinnakers history, Chrissy joined us a year or two early to bolster defense when a wave of hockey and non-hockey injuries sidelined half the team in November 2002.  In addition to willingly moving from defense to forward when the team's needs changed, she has also been the player who will suit up if neither of our goalies can play.  She understands the game, and--known for the fire in her eyes--she routinely inspires her teammates with her determination to win. 


Graduates of 2007

Kristie Ambruso - A

Kristie dressed to sit through most of her first year on the team, while a more seasoned 12th grade goalie played our games.  Then it was Kristie's turn, and she saved more games during her three years as our #1 goalie than the rest of us like to admit.  The Ambruso years were good ones for the Spinnakers.  The great sense of responsibility and insistence on personal excellence that she practiced as our goalie will benefit patients throughout the professional nursing career to which she now aspires.

Emily Kuchta - A

Some of us played with Emily in the 1990s, when she participated in our Girls Spring Hockey program.  We later met her as an opponent, when she played for the Stars in Danbury.  She joined our defensive squad in 2005-06, and fit in as though she had been with us all that time.  She made defense look easy, because she played it knowingly, efficiently and fearlessly.  Offensively, she had an awesome shot from the blue line.  Her steady good humor (picture is typical) was an asset to the team's spirit.

This just July 2007, Emily was elected WSTC Fairfield County Athlete of the Year!

Courtney Northrop - C

No one cares more than Courtney.  She was the model of giving 100%, on and off the ice.  She demanded a lot from her teammates, but maintained their respect by demanding even more from herself. Her relentlessness created opportunities for us whenever an opponent expected a chance to take a breath or think about a pass.  This honor student's attitude toward practice was, "Look, if we're not going to work hard, I'll go home and study."  She was too busy to waste time on the ice.  Her example helped set the pace, and that was a key ingredient of the team's success.