We're anxious to meet and play new girls teams throughout the Northeast.  We're registered as a U19 team in order to encompass the four years of high school, but we are young for that age group.  Let's play hockey!

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USAH Treatment Consent & Medical Information
We encourage parents to complete this and give it to the coaching staff, just in case a player ever has a medical emergency while not accompanied by a parent. 




# Player     School Pos Joined

In mid-2008, we bought a vinyl ice logo,
so there won't be any more painting parties
 like the one pictured above.






Michelle Mallozzi




4 Martha Masiarz     Westhill HS '10 '07
5 Shaylyn Mackey F '10 '07














Danbury HS









Lindsay Diot



Immaculate HS





Julie Osipow


Westhill HS





Kim Blasnik



Westhill HS





Lauren Karp







Jeannette Hoets



Staples HS












Jim Moran



Coach (CEP 012655)



Chris Hynes



Coach (CEP 022878)



Steve Campana



Coach (CEP 073645)


James Moran III


Coach (CEP 218436)



  Chris Hynes, Jr.     Coach (CEP 334854)     '98


Sherry Hynes








Shannon Campana



Assistant Manager




















ryouts for next year will be held at Terry Conners Rink in the spring and/or summer.  Eligibility requirements: (1) Exclusive hockey commitment to the Spinnakers, i.e., no Bears, Stars, FCIAC, U14s, Bantam As, etc.  This rule applies to the high school team only.  (2) Current USA Hockey registration, which is obtained at www.usahockeyregistration.com.  (3) Age 19 or under as of December 31 during the anticipated season. (4) Full-time student in good standing. (5) Candidate must maintain the highest standards of responsibility, effort and conduct, on and off the ice. (6) New candidates will be favored if they either live in Stamford or have no local hockey opportunities.  We succeed by growing and learning, not by recruiting talent from other teams.

Each player pays an annual fee for team membership.  Our fees compare very favorably with other hockey programs, because we are an all-volunteer organization based in a municipal rink and enjoy the support of loyal sponsors.  Home and away game jerseys, practice jerseys, pant shells and uniform socks are provided for player's use, and the jerseys and pant shells are returned at the end of every season.  Every team member must own a team helmet.  The team helmet for skaters is NAVY BLUE.  Decals will be provided.  No other decoration or identification should be attached.  Style of face mask or shield is optional, subject to USA Hockey requirements. 

Spinnakers Hockey is a Stamford-based program, but we are open to non-residents who have no comparable opportunity in their home towns.  The one thing we do not want to do--and we wish all girls hockey organizations would voluntarily adopt this rule--is to lessen the chance of another town creating a viable team by taking its strong skaters.

We encourage future candidates to participate in house and travel programs maintained by their local youth hockey associations.  Play at the toughest possible level to  build the resilience required by competitive girls hockey.  We respect our members' off-season interscholastic sports commitments, but we also expect every effort to attend ALL practices on time.  Most of the Spinnakers play high school field hockey, soccer or volleyball during the fall, and we accommodate that with a light practice schedule in those months. 

We encourage youth hockey associations to do more for younger girls, and we are pleased to cooperate and coordinate with our local association, SYHA, in working toward that common goal.  Don't wait for the girls to find you.  It takes adult leadership and planning to bring girls into a sport dominated by boys, and it's the right thing to do.  If you don't believe that, come watch one of our games!

College availability years are indicated above.  Be sure to see our player profiles for upperclassmen (links at top of page).

Stamford Spinnakers, Inc., a qualified non-profit organization, is funded by participants and sponsors, and operated by volunteers.
Thanks to our parents and our good friends, Terry Conners Rink (City of Stamford), Instant Replay Sports, Stamford Youth Hockey Association, Stamford PAL, The Stamford Advocate and The Stamford Times.

Today's Spinnakers program was created, in large part, by our graduate members (bold print indicating founders in 1998):
Class of '99: Kathleen Malloy (C'99), Breanne Malloy, Jessica White, Kate Larsen, Kate Fahey and Valerie Legutko.
Class of '00: Christine Cingari (C'00), Lauren Ferraris (A'99), Alison Mandras and Stephanie Policastro.
Class of '01: Kate Hynes (C'01) and Amber Ertrachter (A'01).
Class of '02: Maddy Gale (A'02), Cooper Gedney (A'01), Antoinette Pasqua and Coach Jim Morganteen.
Class of '03: Caitlin Campana (C'02-03), Erin Hupal, Patty Hynes (C'03), Nicole Kent and Jessica Rosen (C'03).
Class of '04: Michelle Carpanzano, Nora Hynes (C'04), Susan Hynes (C '04), Christina Kemp, Heather Parker and Sara Ventura.
Class of '05: Laura Vitolo (A'04, C'05). 

Class of '06: Alice Holtermann.

Class of '07: Kristie Ambruso (A'06-07), Emily Kuchta (A'07) and Courtney Northrop (A'06, C'07).

Class of '08:
Haley Aubrey (A '08), Maggie Cearley, Mary Cearley, Katie Lorenzen, Karlie Tiscia (C '08), Chrissy Vitolo.
Class of '09: Stephanie Blasnik, Laura Dembofsky (C '09), Madeline Fones, Lauren Karp, Julie Osipow (C '09), Kylee Ruther (C '09).

See Profiles.

Also see Alumnae

Our other founding member was Megan Betts, who played only during her junior year.

We're also proud of non-graduate members who left the Spinnakers and pursued other hockey opportunities: Caitlin Barnes (Gunnery '02, UVM '06),  Nicole Mandras (Taft '03, St. Lawrence '07), Kerry Leonard (North American Hockey Academy '03, Hamilton College '07, FCIAC Coach of the Year '09), Anne Altieri (Millbrook '05, St. Michael's '09), Megan Peterson (Kent '05), Allison Mehan (Exeter '07), Carolyn Malloy (Canterbury '06), Stephanie Blasnik (USA Hockey National Girls Select 15-16 '05, Gunnery '08).

As far as we're concerned, all who played here are Spinnakers forever.  Stay in touch!  See you at the next Alumnae Game!

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