July 2004     Season usually begins with team re-painting our logo at TCR, but construction delays prevented use of logos for 2004-05.


  TCR's Girls (11-19) Summer League
Register at rink: 977-4514.
Not a Spinnakers program, but many of us participate.
 Be sure to obtain parking permit from rink office.
7/15-8/19 Thu 6:10 PM Spinnakers Weekly Pre-Season Clinics (Juniors)
Summer Hockey Clinics, Stamford Spinnakers   
at Terry Conners Rink.  Be sure to obtain parking permit from rink office.
7/15-8/19 Thu 7:25 PM Spinnakers Weekly Pre-Season Clinics (Seniors)
Summer Hockey Clinics, Stamford Spinnakers  
at Terry Conners Rink.  Be sure to obtain parking permit from rink office. 
Spinnakers Annual Team Camp by KENNEDY SCHOOL OF HOCKEY (<< click for details) at TCR
Participants include the Spinnakers and a select group of friends/opponents.
9/10/04 Fri 7-10 PM Part 1    
9/11/04 Sat 9-Noon Part 2    
9/12/04 Sun 9-Noon Part 3    
9/12/04 Sun 1 PM Camp BBQ at the Ambruso home.    
9/14/04 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)
9/21/04 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)
9/28/04 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)
9/30/04 Thu 7:00 PM Off-ice session, Cushman & Wakefield
10/05/04 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)
10/09/04 Sat 3:15 PM Game @ Sound Shore Warriors at Ice Hutch (Non-GAL) L  
10/09/04 Sat   SAT I & II (What does the SAT have to do with hockey?)    
10/11/04 Mon   Columbus Day -- No School    
10/12/04 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
10/17/04 Sun 11:15 AM Game @ Long Island Waves at Freeport T


10/19/04 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
10/21/04 Thu 7:00 PM Off-ice session at Cushman & Wakefield, 107 Elm Street (aka 4 Stamford Plaza), 8th FL conference room (90 min)    
10/23/04 Sat 9:45 AM Game @ NJ Colonials at Aspen Rink, 16 Aspen Dr., Randolph NJ L  
10/26/04 Tue 6:30 PM Game vs. Southern Stars 19 at TCR; then practice (110 min) W  
10/30/04 Sat 3:50 PM Game @ Quarry Cats, Floyd Hall Arena (Montclair State), Little Falls NJ.
Rte 46 to Valley Rd S, Right on Normal, Right on College, Right on Carlisle.


11/02/04 Tue 6:30 PM Game vs. Polar Bears 14-AA at TCR; then practice (110 min) W  
11/06/04 Sat   SAT I & II
11/07/04 Sun Depends on birth year New England Tryout for Girls National Camp, New Hampshire
Girls born 1987-1990.  Click for information & form.
11/07/04 Sun 7:40 PM Practice at TCR (90 min)    
11/09/04 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
11/13/04 Sat 4:00 PM Game @ CT Stars 14/16 at Danbury L  
11/14/05 Sun 5:05 PM Game @ Southern Stars 19 at Milford W  
11/16/04 Tue 5:30 PM Off-ice session at TCR (45 min); major birthday celebration    
11/16/04 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)  


11/17/04 Wed

Lord & Taylor "Benefit Bash" Private Shopping Day
Our top fund-raisers were the Lorenzen and Northrop families, and others were close behind.  Thanks to all who helped.
11/21/04 Sun 5:30 AM Practice (80 min) at TCR; continental breakfast    
11/23/04 Tue 6:30 PM Practice (110 min) at TCR
Alumnae over age 18 who plan to play on Saturday are welcome to join this practice.  Full equipment and a signed waiver form required before entering the ice.
Second Annual Stamford Spinnakers HOMECOMING Game and Pot Luck Supper    
11/27/04 Sat 3:40 PM Spinnakers White vs. Spinnakers Blue at TCR (90 min)
All past and present Spinnakers are invited to play in this celebration of Stamford's girls high school hockey program.
11/30/04 Tue 6:30 PM Game vs. Darien HS at TCR; then practice (110 min) W  
12/02/04 Thu 7:30 PM Public Hearing on Second Rink    
12/04/04 Sat   SAT I & II  


12/06/04 Mon 8:30 PM Game @ Greenwich Skating Club W  
12/07/04 Tue 6:30 PM Game vs. Ridgefield HS at TCR, then practice (until 8:20) L  
12/10/04 Fri 7:30 PM Game @ Canterbury School W  
12/12/04 Sun 10:40 AM Game @ Northern Lights in Simsbury (120 min) T  
12/14/04 Tue 6:30 PM Game vs. Sound Shore Warriors at TCR (90 min) L GAL
12/15/04 Wed 8:00 PM Game vs. Stars at TCR (90 min) L  
12/18/04 Sat 10:00 AM Game vs. Long Island Waves 19 at TCR (80 min) T GAL
12/19/04 Sun 10:30 AM Game @ CT Clippers at Cromwell W  
12/21/04 Tue 6:30 PM Game vs. New Canaan HS at TCR, then practice (until 8:20) L  
12/22/04 Wed 3:30 PM Game @ Ridgefield HS W  
Polar Bears Tournament 
275 teams (over 4,400 girls) from all over North America, playing about 500 games on 15 different rinks in central Connecticut.
Tournament Rules Tournament Schedule
Printable schedule for Spinnakers only.
12/27/04 Mon 8:10 AM Game @ Montgomery Gold, MD at South Windsor W  
12/27/04 Mon 3:10 PM Game vs. Ithaca Shooting Stars, NY at South Windsor L  
12/28/04 Tue Noon Game vs. CT Stars at Loomis-Chaffee School T  
12/29/04 Wed 11:40 AM Game @ Ridley College Tigers, ON at South Windsor
Note: Ridley, which earned the wild card slot by beating the Spinnakers, went on to win the Division A Championship. 


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The team RAISED THE BAR this week.

The coaches are extremely PROUD of our girls,

and EXCITED about the team's future.


1/04/05 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
1/05/05 Wed 6:00 PM Yankee Festival and Development Camp tryouts for girls born 1991-92.  Yale University rink.  Registration Form and Information.    
1/08/05 Sat 5:20 PM Game @ CT Polar Bears at Cromwell W  
1/09/05 Sun 5:30 PM Game @ Gypsy Chicks, Ice Time, Newburgh, NY
I-84 W to Exit 6.  Right on 17-K.  Right on Lakeside.  On left after Comfort Inn.
1/11/05 Tue 6:30 PM Game vs. Stars 14 at TCR, then practice (110 min)
CANCELLED by Stars at 4:10 PM, due to bad weather.  Practice only.
1/12/05 Wed 4:00 PM Game @ Ridgefield HS W  
1/15/05 Sat 7:00 PM Game vs. Northern Lights 19 at TCR (90 min) W  
1/18/05 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
1/22/05 Sat   SAT I & II    
1/22/05 Sat 3:15 PM Game @ Sound Shore Warriors at Ice Hutch
Hutchinson River Parkway to Exit 8.  Left from ramp.  If construction prohibits next left, go around next block on left. 
Snowed out & re-scheduled 2/5
1/23/05 Sun 7:30 PM Game @ Sacred Heart University JV at Milford
I-95 Exit 35.  Left from ramp to rink on right.
Snowed out.  Can't make it up this year, but will schedule two games next season.
1/25/05 Tue   No ice tonight; switched to Thursday to accommodate TCR    
1/27/05 Thu 5:20 PM Game @ Darien HS at TCR (90 min) 
Note: We are the Visiting Team
1/28/05 Fri 7:30 PM Game @ Pawling at Trinity-Pawling School
Routes 684/22 north to Pawling.  Trinity School on right between pillars just before pedestrian bridge.  (Alt. Turn right after bridge; then bear right to rink.)
1/30/05 Sun 3:15 PM Game @ NJ Avalanche, Ice House, Hackensack NJ
See Rink Directions, Stamford Spinnakers.
2/01/05 Tue 6:30 PM Game vs. Greenwich Skating Club at TCR; then practice (100 min) W  
2/02/05 Wed   National Girls & Women in Sports Day
"Succeed in Sports, Lead in Life"
2/03/05 Thu 4:00 PM Game @ Rye Country Day
I-95 to Exit for I-287, but stay right for Midland Ave exit.  LEFT onto Midland Ave.  RIGHT at light on to Peck Ave.  RIGHT at light (end) on to US-1.  Next LEFT onto Cedar.  First allowable RIGHT to school lot.
2/05/05 Sat 3:15 PM Game @ Sound Shore Warriors at Ice Hutch 
Hutchinson River Parkway to Exit 8.  Left from ramp.  If construction prohibits next left, go around next block on left.  (This game was snowed out on 1/22)
2/05/05 Sat 7:00 PM Game vs. NJ Avalanche at TCR (80 min) L GAL
2/06/05 Sun 7:30 PM Game vs. CT Clippers 16 at Shelton (our home game)
This game was on, off and on again.  We appreciate the Clippers being there.
2/08/05 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
2/09/05 Wed 8:30 PM Game @ New Canaan HS at Darien Ice Rink W  
2/12/05 Sat 7:00 PM Game vs. NJ Quarry Cats at TCR (80 min) W GAL
2/19/05 Sat 9:50 AM Game vs. Gypsy Chicks at TCR (90 min) T  
2/20/05 Sun 3:50 PM Game @ CT Stars 19-2 at Danbury W  
2/20/05 Sun 7:30 PM Game @ Trumbull HS at The Rinks at Shelton W  
2/21/05 Mon 5:00 PM Practice at TCR (90 min)    
2/22/05 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
Ridgefield HS lost its FCIAC semi-final game on 2/21, thus ending its 2004-05 season and canceling our scrimmage on 2/23.  It's worth considering, when an opponent's season ends, how the quality of our program is determined by these other teams.  It's good to remember that, while these girls are our opponents, their skill and their spirit are the stuff that gives winning its meaning.  Thanks and congratulations to all our opponents on a season well played.
2/26/05 Sat 7:30 PM Game @ UCONN Club, 145 Hopriver Rd, Bolton CT
Members of the UCONN Hockey Club will be glad to give a tour of the campus to any member of the Spinnakers, any time.  Contact Coach Hynes.
Girls American League Tri-State Playoffs
Games are a
t Westchester Skating Academy, Elmsford, NY.  I-287 to Exit 2.  Right onto 9-A.  1 mile.  Left at light after Sam's Club onto Fairview Park Dr.  Rink on left.   
2/27/05 Sun 11:30 AM Semi-final game vs. Sound Shore Warriors L  
3/01/05 Tue 6:30 PM Practice (110 min) at TCR    
3/05/05 Sat 3:00 PM Game @ UMASS Amherst (ACHA-ranked 2nd in Northeast, 7th in Nation)
I-91 North to Exit 19.  Rte 9 East to Amherst.  Rte 116 North to UMASS exit.  Turn RIGHT.  At 2nd light, turn LEFT onto Commonwealth.  Rink on left.  Observe parking signs.  Allow 2:15 from Stamford.


3/06/05 Sun 2:00 PM ECAC East (Women) Final at Rye Playland
$2 for students, $5 for adults


3/08/05 Tue 6 PM Jr
7 PM Sr
Girls Spring Hockey Placement Tryouts at TCR
This program runs through late May.
3/08/05 Tue 8:00 PM Practice (90 min) at TCR    
3/12/05 Sat   SAT I    
The Finish Line
We hope this season-ending event is really a beginning,  Thanks to the Northern Lights and the Vipers, we were able to salvage it from the cancellation of our division in the LaBelle Tournament.  Despite short notice, conflicting events and bad weather, we eked out a final weekend of great hockey, a fitting end to the season for three teams that have evolved independently, but become very similar.  In the quality of this weekend's competition and sportsmanship, we got a glimpse of the bright future of community-based girls hockey.   
3/12/05 Sat 10:30 AM Game vs. North Shore Vipers at Loomis-Chaffee School
Island Rd, Windsor, CT
I-91 north past Hartford to Exit 36.  RIGHT on Park Ave (Rte 178) to end.  LEFT on Windsor Rd (Rte 159).  RIGHT on Island Rd.  (Those are active tracks.  Be careful.)
UPDATE: Vipers were snowed in this morning, so the 10:30 game (above) was canceled.  All remaining games are ON.
3/12/05 Sat 3:00 PM Game @ Northern Lights at ISCC
1375 Hopmeadow St (Rte 10), Simsbury, CT
Rte 8 north to I-84 east to Exit 39.  Straight at light.  Rte 4 west a short way to Rte 10 north.  Rte 10 doglegs left on Rte 44, so follow signs to stay on Rte 10 north.  After Wagner car dealership, rink is on LEFT.  (Just one of several good routes.)
Springhill Suites by Marriott Boston Peabody
43 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA 01960
Front Desk: 978-535-5000
From ISCC, take favorite route to Mass Pike (I-90) east, about 80 miles to Exit 14.  I-95 north to Exit 44-A.  Rte 1 north to hotel.  Allow 2 hours. 
3/13/05 Sun 10:50 AM Game @ NS Vipers at Van/O'Keefe Memorial Rink
511 Lowell St,  Peabody, MA
From hotel, Rte 1 north to Lowell St. east (RIGHT) to rink. 
3/13/05 Sun 2:00 PM Game @ NS Vipers at SuperSkills Rink
20 Carter St, Tewksbury, MA
From Peabody, NW on Lowell St to I-95  south to Exit 37-B.  I-93 north to Exit 42.  LEFT on Dascomb Rd.  RIGHT on Leston St.  LEFT on Carter St.  Allow 25 minutes.
W 24-17-5
4/02/05 Sat 8:50 AM 2005-06 TRYOUTS at Terry Conners Rink (150 min)
Open to all eligible high school players.  No residency requirement.  To avoid undermining other programs, we favor candidates who have no high school team opportunity.
Commitment: If you play for the Spinnakers, you play only for the Spinnakers.

Click here for registration form.
Registration by 3/20/05: $50, less $25 discount for USA Hockey members.
Late registration is for USA Hockey members only: $35.
(Or sooner!)
    Make early reservations for hockey camp!  College coaches who want their camps promoted here are welcome to attend one of our games and personally describe their programs to our players.    
6/4/05 Sat 5:30 PM Pot Luck Supper    
TBA   TBA Help paint the Spinnakers logo on visitor side north at TCR    
July-August Thu Evenings Spinnakers Summer Girls Hockey Skills Clinics at TCR
Junior and Senior programs meet once per week, just enough to maintain readiness for fall season.  Details available in May.
In order to join the Spinnakers on the ice for any reason, you must be a registered member of USA Hockey.  Beginning with the 2005-06 season, every individual registers herself (with parents assisting minors) on-line at www.usahockeyregistration.com.  You will need a credit card to pay the $30 registration fee and a printer to produce confirmation of registration for submission to our registrar.  Please register early, so we can complete the process by registering our team and our camp participants before the new season begins on September 1.  The on-line registration service should become available in July. 
Spinnakers Annual Team Camp at TCR
By invitation onlySeparate fee.  Proof of USA Hockey on-line registration (9/1/05-8/31/06) is required.
9/9/05 Fri 7-10 PM Part 1    
9/10/05 Sat 9-Noon Part 2    
9/11/05 Sun 9-Noon Part 3    

Continued on 2005-06 Schedule

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For more information, contact manager@spinnakers.org.