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Our team is an active member of
Girls American League (GAL), which involves USA Hockey teams in CT, NY and NJ. 
Spinnakers TRYOUT information for next season.  Tryouts are in April.  The availability of later tryouts depends on April's results.

Spinnakers After Winning Adirondack Classic XV.

  (\(\(\  Enjoy the commitment of your teammates.  Be inspired by their efforts.  Work hard to do your fair share.  (\(\(\  Always play to win, but always win or lose with class.  (\(\(\   In our brand of hockey, there's nothing "perfect" about never losing; it just means our scheduler needs to find tougher competition.  (\(\(\

2008-09 SCHEDULE & RECORD History (under construction)
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Directions to rinks
Locker Room Policies
College Info
Off-Season     Coaches Prepare for Spinnakers' Best Season
In addition to continued participation in USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program, our coaching staff has been planning its approach to the team's 11th exciting season.  Players are encouraged to get in shape and participate in the Thursday night clinics. 


Click here to see current dates. USA Hockey registration, on-line by each player's parents.
Go to and register as a member for the year beginning September 1.  Charge fee to credit card.  Your registration will be confirmed by an e-mail bearing a bar code.  Forward it to in order to participate in any of our programs after August 31.  On-line registration opens on May 1.
Congratulations to Karlie Tiscia, Captain '08, recipient of the Allyson Rioux Award for 2008.  The award, including a $5,000 college scholarship is given annually to the most outstanding female athlete, among Stamford's high school seniors.  The prestigious award was last won by a member of the Spinnakers in 2001.
7/17-8/28 See Schedule   Spinnakers & Friends Weekly Pre-Season Clinics for Girls, Ages 7-19
Summer Hockey Clinics, Stamford Spinnakers   
at Terry Conners Rink.  Be sure to obtain free parking permit from rink office.

Spinnakers TEAM CAMP at TCR
The official beginning of our new season!  Instruction by Kenny Smith.
9/05/08 Fri 7-10 PM Part 1    
9/06/08 Sat 9-Noon Part 2    
9/07/08 Sun 9-Noon Part 3, followed by pizza on the lawn at TCR    
9/09/08 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)
9/10/08 Wed 7:00 PM Practice at Shelton (80 min)
9/14/08 Sun 12:30 PM Practice at TCR (70 min)
9/16/08 Tue 6:30 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)
9/17/08 Wed 7:00 PM Practice at Shelton (80 min)
9/21/08 Sun 12:25 PM Practice at TCR (75 min)
9/23/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)
9/24/08 Wed 7:00 PM Practice at Shelton (80 min)
9/28/08 Sun 1:00 PM Practice at Darien (110 min)
9/30/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)
10/04/08 Sat   SAT & Subject Tests    
10/05/08 Sun 3:00 PM Practice at Stamford Twin Rinks (70 min)    
10/07/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
10/12/08 Sun 12:30 PM Practice at TCR (70 min)    
10/13/08 Mon 1:40 PM Practice at TCR (70 min).  Columbus Day -- No School    
10/14/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
10/19/08 Sun 9:00 AM GAME at Susquehanna Rapids at Dayton Rink, Connecticut College (90 min) L  
10/21/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
10/28/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
11/01/08 Sat   SAT & Subject Tests (What does the SAT have to do with hockey?)
11/02/08 Sun 12:30 PM GAME vs. Brewster at TCR (70 min). T  
11/04/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (30min), followed by GAL GAME vs. Darien at 7:10 PM (80 min) W  
11/09/08 Sun 12:30 PM GAL GAME vs. NJ Quarry Cats at TCR (70 min)
11/11/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)  


11/15/08 Sat 4:50 PM GAME @ Northern Lights U14 T-1 at Simsbury L  
11/16/08 Sun 12:30 PM GAME vs. Sound Shore Warriors at TCR L  
11/18/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)  


11/22/08 Sat 12:35 PM GAL GAME @ Darien at Darien Ice Rink (75 min) W  
11/25/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
11/28/08 Fri 12:50 PM NO PRACTICE - ICE CANCELED    
Annual Stamford Spinnakers HOMECOMING Game    
11/29/08 Sat 3:40 PM Spinnakers White vs. Spinnakers Blue at TCR (90 min)
All past and present Spinnakers are invited to play in this celebration of Stamford's girls high school hockey program.  Thanks to our parents for all the great food!
12/02/08 Tue 6:40 PM GAME/Scrimmage vs. Ridgefield HS at TCR (110 min) W  
12/06/08 Sat   SAT & Subject Tests  


12/06/08 Sat 7:20 PM GAL GAME @ Brewster Lady Bulldogs at Brewster Rink L  
12/07/08 Sun 11:40 AM GAL GAME @ Suffolk PAL at The Rinx, Hauppague, NY L  
12/09/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
12/13/08 Sat 4:20 PM GAME @ Falcon Girls at Enfield Twin Rinks (80 min) L  
12/16/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)
12/23/08 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
Connecticut PB Tournament 
275 teams (over 4,400 girls) from all over North America, playing about 500 games on 15 different rinks in central Connecticut.
Tournament Rules Rink Directions Tournament Schedule and Results.   Printable schedule for Spinnakers.
12/27/08 Sat 8:15 AM Game @ St. Louis Lady Blues (MO) at Trinity-North W  
12/28/08 Sun 2:30 PM Game @ South Shore Lady Hawks (MA) at Trinity-North L  
12/28/08 Sun 8:45 PM Game vs. Rhode Island Panthers at Trinity-North L  
12/29/08 Mon 3:45 PM Game @ NEWHL, NH at Trinity-North L

Please watch this clip: Who Do You Play For?
The old year ends here.

The new season begins here.
Happy New Year.
1/03/09 Sat 6:40 PM GAME vs. Falcon Girls at TCR (90 min) L  
1/04/09 Sun 11:00 AM GAL GAME @ NJ Golden Blades, Wall Arena (aka Gold Coast Arena), 1215 Wyckoff Rd., Farmingdale, NJ 07727 W  
1/06/09 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
1/07/09 Wed 8:00 PM Practice at TCR (90 min)    
1/13/09 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
Adirondack Northstars Winter Classic XV  
Civic Center:
1 Civic Center Plaza, Glens Falls, NY (518) 926-PUCK (7825).
Recreation Center: 1 Fire Road, Glens Falls, NY (518) 743-0901

Schedule Rules Directions.  Official schedule is subject to change, and we will try to keep this page conformed to it.
Friday night's trip is 3.5 hours, but allow extra time for traffic.  NYS Thruway to Albany, then Northway (still I-87) to Exit 19.  RIGHT onto Aviation Rd (Rte 254), then RIGHT onto Upper Glen St. (Rte 9 south).  At 4th light, RIGHT onto Fire Road.  Rink on right after YMCA.
1/16/09 Fri 9:25 PM Game @ Hamburg Hawks at GF Rec Center W  
1/17/09 Sat 9:20 AM Game @ Adirondack at GF Civic Center L  
1/18/09 Sun 11:00 AM Game vs. Camillus at GF Civic Center
1/18/09 Sun 5:30 PM Final at GF Civic Center W  
The Spinnakers won the 19A championship for the third consecutive year.
The competition was great, and we couldn't have done it without putting selfishness aside and finding the magic.
1/20/09 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (70 min) -- short practice    
1/24/09 Sat   SAT & Subject Tests    
1/24/09 Sat 6:40 PM GAL GAME vs. Brewster Lady Bulldogs at TCR (90 min) L  
1/25/08 Sun 6:30 PM GAL GAME @ Quarry Cats at Floyd Hall Arena, Montclair Community College W  
1/27/09 Tue 7:10 PM Practice at TCR (70 min) -- short practice    
1/29/09 Thu 5:20 PM Practice at TCR (90 min)    
1/31/09 Sat 6:40 PM GAME vs. Polar Bears at TCR (90 min)
Polar Bears cancelled on 1/30, due to their players' scheduling conflicts.
2/01/09 Sun   Super Bowl    
2/03/09 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (70 min) -- note: shortened to accommodate FCIAC make-up game    
2/04/09 Wed 5:10 PM GAME @ Rye Country Day School W  
2/07/09 Sat 6:40 PM GAL GAME vs. NJ Golden Blades at TCR (90 min) W  
2/08/09 Sun 11:40 AM GAL GAME vs. Suffolk PAL at The Rinx, Hauppauge, NY (our "home" game) L  
2/10/09 Tue 6:40 PM GAME vs. North Haven at TCR, followed by practice (110 min) W  
2/15/09 Sun   Last day for GAL games    
2/15/09 Sun 3:00 PM Practice at Stamford Twin Rinks (70 minutes)
2/16-20     Stamford schools winter break    
2/17/09 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)    
2/22/09 Sun 4:15 PM Girls American League (GAL) Semi-Final vs. NJ Quarry Cats at Wall Arena, Farmingdale, NJ
2/24/09 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (110 min)


2/28/09 Sat   SAT only    
2/28/09 Sat 3:15 PM GAME @ Polar Bears at Northford (75 min) W  
3/03/09 Tue 6:40 PM GAME vs. Mamaroneck-Rye Ice Cats at TCR (110 min) W  
3/10/09 Tue 6:40 PM Practice at TCR (70 min)    
Susquehanna Rapids PT Tournament
York City Ice Rink, 941 South Vander Ave., York, PA.  Tel. 717-848-1084.
Lancaster Ice Rink, 371 Carerra Dr., Lancaster, PA.  Tel. 717-581-0274.
Sheraton 4 Points York.  1650 Toronita St., York PA.  Tel. 717-846-4940. 
Full Schedule   Rules
3/13/09 Fri 9:45 PM Game vs. Pittsburgh Amateur Penguins at York 1 L  
"In my opinion, it [the agitation] will not cease until a crisis shall have been reached and passed....A house divided against itself cannot stand....I do not expect the house to fall, but I do expect it will cease to be divided."  -Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1858
3/14/09 Sat 12:30 PM Game @ Hershey at Lancaster  W  
3/14/09 Sat 6:00 PM Quarter-final Game vs. Panthers at York 1 W  
3/15/09 Sun 9:30 AM Semifinal Game vs. Montgomery Blue Devils at York 1 W  
3/15/09 Sun 1:15 PM Championship Game vs. Warminster Patriots at York 1 W 18-16-1
This victory was won when each of 17 young women decided to put the team's interests ahead of her own.  The coaches could not be prouder.  
3/14/09 Sat   SAT only    
4/05/09 Sun 11:30 AM 2009-10 TRYOUTS at Terry Conners Rink (60 min)
Open to all eligible high school players.  To avoid undermining the competitiveness of similar programs in other communities, we favor local candidates and others who have no high school team opportunity.  Our aim is not to recruit a great team, but to build one.
Consistency of commitment: If you play for the Spinnakers, you play only for the Spinnakers.  Our season runs from September through March.  Subject to game & practice schedules of fall interscholastic teams, candidates should be available for the entire season.

Click here for registration form.  Please register by 3/19/09.
(Or sooner!)
    SUMMER CAMP.  We do not have the information we would need to recommend certain camps to our members, but we do encourage our members to investigate these programs and make the most of them.  Nothing we do during the winter is as intensive as a week spent at hockey camp, where hockey-specific conditioning and skills reinforcement make a difference that lasts forever.      
In order to join the Spinnakers on the ice for any reason, you must give us a current USA Hockey registration confirmation.  Every player registers herself (with parents assisting minors) on-line at for the year beginning September 1.  You will need a credit card to pay the registration fee.  Forward the confirming e-mail (the one with the bar code) to  Please register early, so we can complete the process by registering our team and our camp participants before the new season begins.  On-line registration for the coming season opens on May 1.


Join the team--become a financial sponsor.
Stamford Spinnakers, Inc. is a qualified non-profit organization.
(Verification available in IRS Publication 78.)

For more information, contact



Spinnakers Fashion LineU19 Captain, 2002-03

Instant Replay (the real authority on sports in Stamford) can offer team clothing and equipment at lower prices when orders are consolidated.  Parents wishing to order any of these items may want to arrange a pre-holiday order in mid-November.  Subject to minimum quantities, the prices* are:

Navy fleece zippered jacket, with team and personal embroidery, $65.

Navy hooded pullover sweatshirt, with team and personal screening, $35.
This item is for team members only.

White version of above, $35.
Appropriate for family members and fans.

Vinyl hockey bag, with team and personal screening, $60.

Dark blue nylon pants, with team and personal embroidery, $65.  Note: This item takes at least five weeks and minimum quantity is six.

Current cost of Boathouse "Spinnakers Hockey" pullover jacket is about $100 in small-volume orders.  (Not through Instant Replay.)

*Indicated prices were in effect during 2001-02 season and are subject to change.  Instant Replay is authorized to use the Stamford Spinnakers name and logo in the production of these items.  All other uses are prohibited without the team's express permission, which can be solicited through the Manager.  Remember, when wearing the Spinnakers name and logo, each of us represents all of us. 


Candidates must be full-time students who commit to the Spinnakers as their one and only hockey team during the Spinnakers season.  Each of us represents all of us, so we strictly maintain high standards of conduct, on and off the ice.  Despite the payment of a fee, anyone who does not abide by these high standards will not be with us.
Our "one team" requirement enhances the quality of this experience for the Spinnakers teammates.  It is not a common requirement, so an individual who cannot abide by it should have no trouble finding more suitable teams for herself.

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